Online Aid for Making ‘The Decision,’ From a College Freshman –

Online Aid for Making ‘The Decision,’ From a College Freshman –

On the site, which is called, students are prompted to enter the names of as many colleges as they like, followed by factors that may be important to them — including “cost,” “food,” “housing,” “size,” “music,” and “future value.” Applicants are then asked to “weigh” those factors — telling the site, for example, whether “scuba is more important than food or location.”

A few steps later, the applicant should have in hand a personalized “ranking” of the schools of his or her choice — as opposed to the generalized handicapping of “some stuffed shirt in an office somewhere telling you how a certain college is ‘better’ than another one at a certain thing,” the Web site says.

Juniors and Seniors! Young Epidemiology Scholars – The YES Competition – Deadline Feb. 1, 2011

Competition is the nation’s leading health competition for high school students to inspire high school students to think like epidemiologists and address real world public health problems in populations.  Each year 60 regional finalists are invited to compete in the YES event in Washington D.C., in April, where they present their research to judges including leading epidemiologist and educators.

The project……

Pose a question about a health problem that concerns a population.  Gather or find data related to the question, analyze the data, present the results and suggest ways to improve the problem.  Research papers should be no more than 30 pages.

120 scholarships ranging from $1000 to $50000 are awarded annually.  Deadline to apply is Feb. 1, 2011 at 9 a.m. EST.

For more information or to download the guide, go to: