How many people get perfect 2400 in SAT test?

According to this article, “Over 100 Score Perfect 2400 in New SAT”:

  • as the 300,000 students who took the first sitting of the new test March 12, 2005 began receiving scores, the College Board reported that 107 scored a perfect 800 on each of the three sections – writing, critical reading and math. [That is 1 out of 2803, 0.000356%]
  • Of the 1.4 million 2004 high school graduates who took the old SAT, 939 scored a then-perfect 1600 [That is 1 out of  1490, 0.00067%]

According to this article, “Michigan Teen Gets Perfect Scores On SAT, PSAT, ACT Tests” (April 27, 2009):

  • The College Board has reported that roughly 1 in every 5,000 students taking the SAT gets a perfect score.
  • The ods for the PSAT are 1 in every 1,000
  • The ods for the ACT are 1 in every 14,000
  • 17-year old Willa Chen, a senior at Canton High School in Canton, Michigan, has made history by getting a perfect score on all 3 of her exams (PSAT, SAT, and ACT).

According to this article, “Willa Chen is one in a million. And then some” (April 27, 2009):

  • She was accepted to the University of Michigan and Massachusetts Institute of Technology but will attend Princeton in the fall. She fell in love with Princeton’s campus on her first visit and always considered the university her first choice. She plans on studying applied math or computers, but she’s keeping her options open.

According to this article, “Willa Chen scores perfect on her ACT, SAT and PSAT”:

  • The College Board reports approximately one student in 5,000 taking the SAT gets a perfect score of 2,400, while the odds are a little better, one in 1,000, on the PSAT, The Detroit News reported.
  • The other major college entrance test, the ACT, which comes from a contending organization, states the odds of a perfect finish are one in 14,000.

According to this article, “Willa Chen scores perfect on her ACT, SAT and PSAT“, she also participated in the Math Olympiad and loves jazz, tap and ballet dancing.

To see a photo of Willa Chen from 2009, read this article “2009 Michigan Junior Miss winner – first runner-up Willa Chen of Plymouth Canton

Willa Chen’s LinkedIn Profile (with photo) shows she is currently working for Google.

She also has a page on Quora,a website and a Facebook page – Willa’s World Cartons.

According to this article, “How many people have gotten a perfect score on the SAT”:

  • Of the 1.5 million students who took the SAT in 2008, only 294 students earned a perfect score.

According to this article, “Four area students score 2400 on SAT — perfect” (September 5, 2009):

  • Profile for: Tom Hui is a self-described video game lover. Michelle Liu calls herself a nerd. Marissa Pan simply likes books, and Tanya Nguyen prefers balance in her life.
  • What do they have in common? All scored 2400 on the SAT, putting them in the elite company of 297 nationwide and 10 in Georgia earning perfect scores last year (2008).

According to this article, “Perfect score on the SAT?” (link to PDF file):

  • 294 college bound seniors out of a total of 1,518,176 who took the test in the year 2008 got 2400
  • 5683 college bound seniors out of a total of 1,518,176 who took the test in the year 2008 got 2300 or more
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