UX Career

Which UX Career is Right for You?

Job Title Roles & Responsibilities Key Skills to Know
UX Designer
  1. a “full stack designer” in that you should have experience in the design process from research through wireframing and even a bit of visual design or front-end development
research methodologies, wireframing, ideation, prototyping
User Researcher Maria Anders user interviews, survey design, data analysis, usability testing
Information Architect
  1. responsible for the a product’s organization
  2. determine how information should be arranged and displayed to make it easy to understand and use
  3. ultimately helps the user interpret her surroundings, navigate around a product, and easily discover what it is that she’s looking to find or do
card sorting, understanding of cognitive psychology, library sciences, user research analysis
Interaction Designer
  1. how the a product feels and responds to a user
  2. very focused on precise user interface details include anything from designing movement, animation, and visual aesthetics
  3. how products react and respond to users
visual design, knowledge of HTML CCS and Javascript, animation
User Interface Designer
  1. are most concerned with the look and feel of the actual page visuals and layout
  2. ultimately choose where buttons should be placed, what colors are used, and what style the drop down menu will display
visual design, user interface patterns, typography, layout best practices
Product Designer content strategy, sketching, scope defining
Front-End Developer
  1. a mix of programming and layout that powers the visuals and interactions of the web
HTML, CSS, Javascript, Javascript frameworks

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