College Inc. – Harvard nets 35,000 applications

College Inc. – Harvard nets 35,000 applications

Harvard received nearly 35,000 applications, a 15 percent increase over last year’s 30,489 — and a 50 percent increase in four years.

Even 30,000 applicants is a big number. It means, essentially, that one student in 50 applies to Harvard.

Stanford netted 34,200 applicants, a 7 percent increase over last year’s 32,000.

Northwestern crossed the 30,000 threshold with 30,529 applicants, an 11 percent increase and double the applicants of 2005.

University of Chicago, which reported a 12 percent increase in applicants, to 21,669.

Penn, too, crossed the 30,000 threshold this year, with 31,600 applicants, a 17 percent increase.

More than 29,500 students applied to Duke, a 10 percent increase. Duke applicants have risen by half in three years.

Dartmouth netted 21,700 applications, a 16 percent increase.

Boston University received 41,734 applicants, a 9 percent jump.

UCLA which got over 80,000 applications this year!

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