UC Berkeley Summer Sessions

Berkeley Summer Sessions

Advance your academic progress this summer while enjoying the San Francisco Bay Area. Summer is the only time of year that UC Berkeley opens enrollment to visiting students. Berkeley Summer Sessions boasts a diverse student population combining UC Berkeley students with international students, visitors from other universities, newly admitted students, high school students, and members of the Berkeley community. Take advantage of one of our many offerings and enjoy the Berkeley experience.

Summer Camp/Seminar – U.S. Air Force Academy

Summer Camp

The Air Force Academy offers several summer programs available to students interested in applying to or learning more about the Academy. Experience cadet life, take tours, meet current cadets, attend workshops and more. Deadline is February 28th, 2011.

Falcon Sports Camps are for students between ages 8 to 18 GoAirForceFalcons.com. And the Engineering and Construction Camp is for high school students – http://samecamps.org/.

Summer Seminar

Summer Seminar is for students between their junior and senior year of high school http://www.academyadmissions.com/#Page/Summer_Seminar.

Summer Program – “Where There Be Dragons”

If you are interested in a rugged summer or semester adventure in Asia, Africa or Latin America, check out “Where There Be Dragons”.  Students participate in home-stays, service projects, trekking, and off-the-beaten path adventures in Bolivia, Peru, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Brazil, Tibet, Nepal, Burma, India, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, China, Senegal, Rwanda, Indonesia, Jordan, Syria, and Morocco.  Details: 1-800-982-9203, ext. 17 or www.wheretherebedragons.com