Can Less Mean More In College Application Race?

Can Less Mean More In College Application Race?

  • 23% of high school seniors applied to six or more colleges last year, a huge jump from 13% in 2000
  • The process should be fun, not stressful. It’s a time to learn about yourself and develop life skills like decision-making, researching, interviewing and networking.
  • The more colleges in play, the harder it is to write quality essays or get even basic information right.

Stanford University ‘early action applications set record – San Jose Mercury News

Stanford University ‘early action applications set record – San Jose Mercury News

A record number of high school students sought early admission to next fall’s freshman class at Stanford University, the school’s Office of Undergraduate Admission announced Monday.

Applications for early admission increased 6 percent from last year, rising from 5,566 to 5,929.

The university sent acceptance letters to 754 applicants, or 12.7 percent of those who applied, by e-mail Friday (12/10/2010) afternoon. Last year’s acceptance rate was 13.5 percent.

More than 26,000 students are expected to apply for admission by Jan. 1, according Richard H. Shaw, dean of admission and financial aid.

Other private universities also reported increases in early applications. At Northwestern, they climbed 24 percent; University of Pennsylvania, 18 percent; Rice, 15 percent; Duke and Johns Hopkins, nearly 14 percent.

Students apply early because they believe it gives them a slight edge in acceptance. By comparison, last year Stanford only accepted about 7.2 percent of all applicants in the general pool.

In addition, students save themselves the stress of multiple applications elsewhere, as well as the uncertainty of waiting until spring to find out where they can enroll.

Stanford’s early-admission program is not binding. Called “early action,” applications are due in November and students get a response by December — but even after getting a “yes,” a student can apply to other campuses and wait until May to make a choice.


SCU Engineering Education Days

Application Deadline: Feb. 4
Santa Clara University’s FREE Spring Engineering Education Days (SEED) program for sophomores and juniors is in April.  Over the course of 4 Saturdays, students take classes spanning several engineering fields with a mix of lecture and interactive lab work.  For more information about program dates, and application requirements, see:

How does your state compare internationally in math?

The GreatSchools Blog: How does your state compare internationally in math?

This study puts American achievement — at least in mathematics — in depressing perspective. It found that:

• Nationwide only 6% of our students perform at an advanced level in math, compared with 28% of Taiwanese students and more than 20% of students in Finland and Korea.

• Our highest-functioning state — Massachusetts — is comparable to Western European nations like Denmark and Germany.

• Low-performing states like Mississippi and New Mexico rank below recently war-torn Serbia with far poorer nations such as Chile and Thailand.

• California’s percentage of advanced math students hovers below 5% along with Portugal, Greece, and Turkey.

CSU Experiences a Second Year of Record High Applications for Fall 2011

The California State University has received more than 611,000 undergraduate applications in the two month fall 2011 priority application period beginning Oct. 1 and ending Nov. 30. The number of applications slightly tops last year’s record, demonstrating a consistently strong demand for a CSU education.

On Nov. 30 alone, the CSU received 75,844 applications through In particular, this year’s fall 2011 application submissions by prospective first-time freshmen held strong at 426,992, a sizeable increase of 14,819 from the prior year.

While the fall 2011 application period has concluded for most CSU campuses, some may continue to accept fall applications. Certain campuses also remain open for applicants for the winter and spring 2011 terms. Individual campus deadlines differ and it is best to review campus postings. For a full list of campuses still accepting applications please visit the CSUMentor Application Filing Status Report.

Source: CSU Dec. 1 Newsletter