Important Information RE: SAT and ACT FALL TESTING for SENIORS!

Seniors who are planning to apply to a 4-year college must complete their SAT/ACT testing by this fall (by December 2010 for all UC’s and most CSU’s).

For CSU’s, please note: The deadline for taking SAT or ACT for some campuses is November or October.  Check individual campus websites for required test and score submission deadlines. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!  Deadlines must be met!

For UCs, SAT reasoning or ACT plus the optional writing portion and 2 SAT subject tests (from 2 different subject areas) are required and testing must be completed by December.

For private colleges, the testing requirements and deadlines vary, so check individual websites.


(with information on sending scores)

SAT Reasoning & Subject tests—

Oct. 9 (register by Sept. 10); Nov. 6 (register by Oct. 8); Dec. 4 (register by Nov. 5).


Oct. 23 (register by Sept. 17), December 11 (register by Nov. 5)

*Both testing agencies offer late registration and “standby” testing options (for an additional fee), so please check their respective websites for more information, if needed.

Sending scores:

For UC’s: Send SAT/SAT Subject test scores to ONE UC campus, and they will all have access to those scores.  ACT scores must be sent individually to each campus where applying.

For CSU’s: Send SAT scores to “3594”, and all CSU’s will have access to them.  For ACT:  Send individually to each campus where applying, or manage it from the CSU mentor website (

REMEMBER: Our CA public universities will use a student’s best scores (by test date for UC’s, and by sections (SAT) for CSU’s) in consideration for admission, and the recommendation is to send ALL scores!  Do not use Score choice (with the SAT).

Source: DVHS Career Center (Jill Schratz)


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