Public School Teacher Tenure in California

Proposition 74: Teacher Tenure Ballot Measure
January 2006
Prop. 74: Support 44.8%, Oppose 55.2%

  • California was the first state in the country to establish teacher tenure law in 1921.
  • Current state law mandates that teachers gain tenure in California after completing a two-year probationary period during which time they can be dismissed for poor performance by their school district.
  • Once tenured, teachers gain a degree of security in their positions and can be dismissed only for just cause. State law dictates conditions under which a tenured teacher can be dismissed including unsatisfactory performance or misconduct. Low student achievement is not included as a condition for dismissal.
  • The Initiative
    • It would raise the amount of time new teachers must wait before they are covered by job protection rules from two years to five years for a certified position.
    • It would also allow the school district to dismiss an employee after two consecutive unsatisfactory performance evaluations.
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